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Stellar vfx is a small company located in Tunisia(north Africa) home of the spring revolution. We are a one stop solution for 3D animation, Camera motion tracking, visual fx and compositing. We worked with many visual fx studios in the US, like Cafefx

Our strenth comes from our self, the team working at the heart of Stellar vfx. Even though we are fully equipped hardware and software to handle any sort of visual fx job, we don't really count on that to do amazing stuff, we take advantage of the power of our grey Matter.

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G.I joe the rise of Cobra

The Happening

The golden Compass
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CocaCola (mexico)

Hyundai (south corea)

Simple mobile (california)
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The suit life on Deck

About the Founder

Please allow me to introduce my self, my name is Maher Daaloul, I'm a visual fx specialist and a computer 3d animator working in these fields since 1993. From 1999 I moved to Los Angeles(USA), to work with many visual fx studios, like X3D studio, Cafefx studios and Laughing Planet etc...

My background as a computer programmer helped me a lot to create my own plugins and software to enhance my work as a 3d artist and a visual fx specialist.

3D Animation & Visual effects Studio
Maher Daaloul
StellarVFX Studio, a company located in tunis, Tunisia

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